Jun 27, 2022Liked by Mikey Seay

I too am processing the Stone buyout. But, i remember years ago when there was a pre-zoom conference like thing, and Maureen Ogle stated that all 'craft' beers would get bigger and not be craft anymore [well not quite like that] but the point being, that is how business is.

Also, Greg and Steve probably are thinking retirement might be nice right about now. I retired, so I guess i'm ok with that.

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Jun 28, 2022Liked by Mikey Seay

With Stone selling out, it doesn’t make any difference in my choices in craft. I haven’t had a Stone beer since May of 2019….. thats 4 years ago, but I have had Sapporo and that was in March of this year, so I guess we know who is funding who!

Crazy news, but the lawsuit against keySTONE took its toll on them. Not even winning kept them form losing, that’s some crazy sh!t .

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